Antonio is an entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley, California. He is the founder of Tangelo and a popular website serving Latinos and Latinas across the globe. The vision behind Interesante is to help people discover and share the most interesting things in the world.

Tangelo is a software development company and startup incubator. Tangelo develops software for large and mid-size companies and startups in the Silicon Valley and across the United States and Mexico.

Since its inception, Tangelo has incubated a few MED-TECH and AD-TECH startups that have secured considerable VC and angel funding. Tangelo is currently incubating startups in the wearable tech space as well.

Antonio worked at Accenture where he started the search and social media team, making Accenture one the first big brands to have a strong social media presence. Within the first year, the search and social media initiatives became the top marketing programs at Accenture, beating even Tiger Woods, when Tiger Woods was Tiger Woods. (No hard feelings, Tiger.) Antonio holds a Computer Science degree.

Antonio started his career in technology at Sun Microsystems and also was part of SearchRev, a startup that was acquired by AKQA.

My fondest memory of my early years at Sun is when my wife and I were invited to a small private party and Scott McNealy, Sun’s CEO  was in attendance. I was so excited to meet him and when I told him that I worked at Sun, he simply hi-fived me and with a big smile he screamed “Yeah!” You rock Scott!

Before becoming a technology entrepreneur, Antonio was a professional whitewater rafting and adventure travel guide. Antonio continues to advise one of the top adventure travel companies in Ecuador, Barefoot Expeditions.

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