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Never Give Up, No Matter What.

Our little boy was born deaf and was on track for cochlear implants in both ears. One day he started complaining and taking the hearing aids off. We took him to the doctor for a follow up testing and the results were stunning. He went from being almost profoundly deaf to almost normal hearing. The doctors say it’s a miracle. He loves to sing and play piano and we love to listen.

That last stretch was so difficult, draining and challenging. The tiniest hill became hard. But I couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t stop. Not in the last three miles. I was exhausted and losing strength. Looking down at my watch I saw that my speed wasn’t terrible (9:00 per mile) and I decided to conserve the pace. To my surprise, very few runners passed me in the last stretch. That last stretch was about camaraderie and making it happen. I was on the verge of finishing but with the real possibility of failing. Failing didn’t scare me. What I was fearful of was feeling that I didn’t give it my best, so I kept pushing one leg in front of the other and remembering the routine I’d practiced in my runs at the Stanford Dish. I repeated it out loud. Land soft, push back, lift the other foot, take a short stride and repeat. Breathe. Keep your back straight. Don’t worry about the distance. Be fearless. …

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