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A few days ago I attended the Hardware Workshop in San Francisco. It was a great way to speed up the learning curve by looking at what others have done and the obstacles they encounter. The simple truth I learned is that hardware is still much much difficult than software and that is hard to change unless technologies like 3D printing becomes pervasive. Also, I saw a world that considers software as a necessity rather than primordial need to differentiate and compete. From my point of view, the need for hardware will only increase but the fact is that software is indeed, eating the world.…

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Live in the future, then build what’s missing — Paul Graham Entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley go to work every day to build products for that demographic –– which is usually homogeneous. Many  technology startups in the Silicon Valley go after the not-so-mythical tech savvy urban hipster. Although Silicon Valley is well known across the world…

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We’re happy to announce that the Interesante team presented at Google Developer Live. It was a live event but you can see the recording above.  Jochen Kumm, our Chief Scientist, Pablo Gamba, our Chief Technology Officer and myself, will be talking about our integration with the YouTube API.  This integration enables Interesante to improve the discovery of relevant videos.

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Interesante is our way to bring Latinos into the spotlight. We are building a service where Latinos come together, share and discover what’s relevant to them. We believe that combining culture, language and common interests with top notch engineering and world class design, will foster a collaborative environment where Latinos can create, share and discover new interests. Latinos, for us, are the one and only priority.

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The recent activity in the technology sector is giving birth to a nascent technology scene with great potential in South America and the US Latino market.

South America is leapfrogging and rapidly becoming a more suitable and popular destination for technology events. The enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit is starting to reach a boiling point across the region, making it a prime spot for top-notch talent recruitment and a desirable market in its own right.

This new awakening is in great part due to the exponential growth and penetration that the Internet has had in the region. The Internet has provided an efficient channel for freedom of thought and expression for the younger generation. This generation is not bounded by the remembrance of oppressive regimes, as it is the case with the prior one.

The young are empowered to pursue their dreams and to break down social and geographical barriers.…

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Tangelo just finished hosting the first Tangelo Startup House of 2011 in Argentina. From January 5th through the 13th the Tangelo team gathered in the city of Buenos Aires with the main objective of hacking for two straight weeks valuable prototypes of internet and mobile products. In order to deliver in such a short period of time, we needed a framework to help us cut through the noise and deliver a working prototype. For software development we use Agile methodologies but when you want to build a product that eventually can become a profitable business, there are many more things to consider beyond software development. In all honesty, up to certain level, the development of the code is probably the last step in a series of events.

We are great fans of Eric Ries and his Lean Startup methodology. So we decided to tape the graph of the underlying structure of a Lean Startup to the makeshift “white board” and morph its guidelines to fit our goal and restrictions. For those of you that have not read Eric’s blog, I highly recommend reading the Lean Startup blog and if you can you should attend one of Eric’s workshops as well.

In a nutshell, The Lean Startup is designed to launch a minimun viable product to market within a reasonable timeframe and attemping to control the risk associated with launch. It is basically a combination of smart Agile Software Development and focused Customer Development. It forces you into rapid prototyping which allows you to test ideas in the market and with real customers faster. User feedback is at the core of this cycle so that you can eliminate flaws in the product much faster than through traditional practices.

Eric Ries wrote about adopting a new way of developing products by eliminating “waste”, which is often generated by default. When we talk about “waste,” we mean time and money spent on actions which then fail to prosper and should be eliminated thus forcing developers to start again from the beginning. This blog post would then become the base of his Lean Startup.…

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Throughout the year I’ve been collecting articles about unusual uses that some technology fans have given to the iPad, one of the most beautiful of Apple’s toys.

Despite the limitations that many people attribute to this tablet, some creative users could use it in a very original way.

In this blog post we will share with you the Top 5 most curious iPad uses in 2010, the year of its launch.…

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The Latino population in the United States represents a large proportion of the population. Over 70% of US-Latinos have internet access. US-Latinos have the need to connect with other people because of culture and cross-border family ties. One of the main online activities of this group of people is watching online videos.

More and more US-Latinos who speak and understand English prefer websites in English. There are very few online marketing activities aimed at this demographic that is redefining mainstream behavior.

Let’s dig deeper.…

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