Interesante and Mozilla Mexico Working Together

Exciting news!

Mozilla Mexico just announced the partnership with Interesante.  The collaboration is just getting started and it has a lot of potential for both companies as we share a common set of values and goals.  Please check out Interesante’s blog post to find out more about this nascent collaboration.

According to Forrester, Mexicans are in love with the mobile web:

Mobile Internet is popular — but mainly in Mexico. Forty percent of online metropolitan Brazilians and 55% of online metropolitan Mexicans regularly use the mobile Internet. Diving deeper into the numbers, we find that for online metropolitan Mexicans, 41% connect on a daily basis to the mobile Internet, and they spend on average 4.5 hours online per week. In contrast, the mobile Internet is much less popular in Brazil. Only 24% of online metropolitan Brazilians connect on a daily basis, and they spend on average 2.2 hours online per week.

This makes the arrival of Firefox OS timely and relevant and our partnership valuable for the end-user by providing a tool that is tailored to the culture they live in.


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