iphone jailbreak
iphone jailbreak

iPhone Jailbreak Legalization: Effects in the Market and Recent Developments

by @leilaergo

iphone jailbreak

iphone jailbreak

On July 26, 2010 in the United States, the practice known as jailbreak was finally legalized -within its territory. The process of jailbreaking allows your iPhone to have applications that are not in the Apple Store.

The legalization of the practice of jailbreak was great news for mobile application developers. Be careful what you read! There is much confusion between the terms unlock and jailbreak. Until that day in July, the only excuse that Apple had to not allow this practice was its illegal status.

Now, Apple can no longer base its rejection of the jailbreak on the DMCA. For this reason, Apple’s first reaction was to remind users that the company will not recognize the warranty of devices that have been manipulated in some way. That is, according to Apple, jailbreaking your iPhone is not recommended because of issues related to security and the proper functioning of the device, it is not due to illegality.

However, no one expected that the reaction of Apple would end with this subtle message because nothing changed: the jailbreaks would remain, and Apple would continue cancelling them with subsequent software updates.

A few days after the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple discovered that his star device had two major flaws, which generated contrary reactions in the company and users as well:

  1. Problems with signal reception: Apple did not focus on the signal reception and got away with it with the controversial advice of Jobs: ”hold your phone right”. Those who were already using the phone with its innovative Retina Display reacted negatively.
  2. A flaw in the iPhone 4 operating system allows you to run the jailbreak via web: This is new because traditionally a jailbreak had to be run on a Mac or PC, with the iPhone or device connected to it during the process. In contrast to the other failure of the device, users jumped for joy as Apple took the necessary measures to fix it as soon as possible.

The iPhone’s operating system was updated shortly after launch. iOS 4.0.2 version fixes the flaw that allowed to perform the jailbreak of the iPhone via web; perhaps it was an unpleasant surprise for Apple, who does not like the idea of shops besides the App Store. For this very reason, the next update of Safari for iPhone could break indirectly the jailbreaking via web.

However, the real move of Apple to defend the Apple Store did not take long: only a few days ago, Apple has filed a patent that covers several methods to identify and disable unauthorized use of electronic devices such as iPhone and IPAD. The patent filed by Apple aims primarily at taking measures for the identification of stolen devices and to protect the personal information of users stored on devices.

The patent also covers methods to identify devices that have been hacked, jailbreaked, unlocked or have had the SIM card removed .

Thus, under the pretext of protecting user data against possible theft devices, Apple is looking for ways to “kill” jailbreaked devices, since there is no way of knowing whether a device has been stolen or it is jailbroken with the consent of the user.

Around the jailbreak, a sort of “micro-scale cold war” has begun and everyone has something to say about it. So, use caution when reading because there is a lot of misinformation in the cloud, plus precipitated tips by alleged “experts” who only tend to confuse or encourage actions that often are not recommended.

Remember that in addition to inform yourself properly, you can ask us your questions because we are a company that specializes in mobile (iPhone, Android and others) technology.

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