Twitday: Tweet Aggregator by Location

What is Twitday?

Twitday is a fun web app that dynamically displays tweets and location of a group of people. Twitday can be used at events like conferences, concerts or meetups. You can specify usernames, hashtags and location. People can read relevant tweets, follow new people and retweet directly from Twitday. This is an app completely devoted to a particular event.

Our goal was to make our first website compatible with the last technological standards and with different devices: CSS3, Google Maps API, Twitter API, iPads, iPhones, desktops and especially the Retina Display of the iPhone 4.

How does Twitday work?

From now, you have access to Twitday from the Tangelo’s website.

On Twitday you will find:

  • A map with the locations of each member of the a group – the Tangelo’s team for example-.
  • The tweets timeline, published by each member of the group, so you can be updated on the latest events.
  • If you prefer to follow what is published by a particular person, you will see the whole Twitter activity of that person (tweets, RT and references), and also his profile, with a single click.

The important fact to remember is that you’ll be able to see all this information from any device, with the best image quality.

When Twitday will be online available?

You can start playing with TwitDay right now!

Let us know if you’d like to use it for your event.


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