How Adventure Travel Can Help Your Company Ride Out The Recession & Come Out Stronger

Running and operating an adventure travel company teaches you how to deal with challenging and unforeseen situations. Being part of the adventure travel experience teaches you a lot about yourself.

  1. First you understand that risk by definition is not measurable.
  2. You learn very quickly to accept the future as an unknown and to understand that one can plan for the future but the outcome is fuzzy at best.
  3. Future-proofing is a myth.
  4. There is only evolution based in orderly chaos.
  5. You learn to lay down a strong foundation and to rely on others.
  6. You set up your base camp equipped with the tools you need to support your journey, whatever that journey may be and wherever it takes you.

A strong base camp is the foundation of a successful summit attempt. You learn that that challenging situations are part of life not a fluke of destiny.

It’s true that the recession has hit most of us across the world. We are in unchartered waters. That is the present situation, not the future as we see it. The future is an outcome that can be shaped by the decisions we make now. However, the current economic environment makes it difficult for us to make the right decision. We are in unexplored territory. The sense of permanence has been broken forcing us to redraw the path we’ve grown accustomed to follow .

We all need a dose of confidence during tough times. Adventure travel and the practice of extreme sports teaches valuable lessons on resourcefulness, self-confidence and reliance on others. After all, if you do a class IV-V run in the Amazon Jungle you will be able to face the real problems in your company from a different and better perspective.

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Adventure travel abroad is about purpose, risk-taking and learning.


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  2. Great article. What an optimistic way of looking at uncertainty. This is perhaps why adventure travel is popular with a lot of people. Strong willed individuals like facing and overcoming challenges and uncertainly, in any kind of activity, is always a challenge.

    1. You are right. That's the beauty of adventure travel. It teaches you to look at life with a different lens. A recession is not the end of the world, when you have lived through adventures like rafting a class V river in Costa Rica or swimming with dolphins in the Galapagos.

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