Capitalism is like crack

Capitalism is like crack. Once you try it you can’t stop. You need a bigger dose every time and before you know it you are hooked in for life. And there are drug lords, pimps and hit men whose sole purpose in life is the perpetuation of the system.

I’ve been swallowed and broken down to be rebuilt from the ground up. That is the answer I received from a Harvard graduate when talking about the value of his Harvard education. He said it with pride as he certainly should.

Is this the key driver of the super power? Are its citizens bound to mindlessly bow to the corporatocracy ruling the world? Have we relinquished our values to be part of the biggest economic take-over humanity has ever seen?

Immigrants are the engine that continues to drive economic growth. Countries like Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras depend on the cash that is sent back these countries to survive the dire economic situation, the lack of jobs and the ever growing international debt that drains the resources out of these governments.

But are we really taking away those jobs that America talks about? Those coveted jobs that anti-immigration politicians complain about are actually the lowest of the lowest in the American class system and the newest form of colonialism. In the old model the colonialist nations had to use force to conquer a country and subjugate its people.

The new colonialism allows for a more streamlined and cost-cutting process. The citizens of the conquered nations or LDCs in World Bank’s jargon actually “choose” to reach the colonial power willingly and by any means necessary. Then this person will serve at the bottom of the pyramid with the hope that one day the American dream will come true.

The second result of the new colonialism allows for even more cost saving measures and a higher ROI. The government of the DC does not get involved publicly. Private corporations are at the forefront of the next take-over which is masked as corporate greed and the thrist for ever expanding economic growth. The government is not tainted with the actions of the private arm but benefits greatly from the outcomes of development projects in LDCs.

This create a scenario where the DC looks benevolent by allowing a certain amount of the LDC population to benefit from its economic power while crushing any hopes of development for the LDC through the assignment of loans that can never be paid.

The cash circuit formed is the following:

  1. LDC needs infrastructure
  2. LDC gets a loan
  3. DC company gets the contract
  4. LDC pays company with the loan from the DC
  5. LDC can’t afford to sustain its citizens due to the large payments to DC
  6. LDC civil unrest
  7. LDC citizens flee to DC
  8. LDC citizens work and send money to DC
  9. LDC citizens use money to purchase goods produced by DC-company


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