Family matters: White folks are just discovering what we [latinos] knew all along

Americans are great at creating and assimilating buzz – I have to admit. The latest trend that is really sticking into the minds of Americans is the concept of “multi-generational living” and the respect and care to the elderly along with the perception that aging is not that bad after all – of course this applies only if don’t live in So Cal.

Multi generational homes and living is a booming business. American families are starting to realize that it is not that bad having your mom and dad living next door or even in the same house. The elderly are being treated better than ever before and have access to state-of-the-art retirement homes that resemble fancy country clubs.

The buzz around family living and grandmas taking care of their grandchildren is a hot topic around the country. Americans are getting closer to their families – what a concept! That is “mainstream” America. i.e. The white folks.

But we [latinos] knew that all along. We knew that family is important and that you have to stick around. We knew that our children will grow up around their grand parents and will learn respect. We knew that we can call our family in the middle of the night for an emergency and that they will show up in a snap. We knew that brothers fight because that’s what brothers do – but that everything will be okay by Sunday’s family lunch.

Oh! We knew that you better respect your grandma because you should and you know what would happen to you if you don’t. The elderly are our home base and we know we have to care for them the way only family can do. We know that you can let your grandparents live alone if that’s what they want but you have to make sure they are comfortable, happy and healthy. Oh yeah. And visit them every week with your children.

We knew that our children would be free to run outside and play soccer and get dirty in the muddy field. We know we can rely in our community. No, we’re not naïve – we just know who to trust and how to lean in a reliable community.

We know education is important and we know that the established system of higher education will take them away and try to turn them into individualistic family-free people. Luckily we also know that you’ll get a few but most of them will come back.

We all would like to live in a warmer America where your neighbor knows your name and comes over for coffee. We’ve excelled in the sciences, arts and entertainment. Let’s make it a little more human now. Learn from what you already have – a booming latino community that is willing to share.

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