Finding Your Passion


I started writing this right after watching Julie and Julia and as it so happens, movies move me emotionally into action. The movie from my point of view was more about entrepreneurship and doing what you love than it was about food or the characters themselves. The main thread tying film together is the deep connection with the topic they chose to learn about . Julie and Julia were driven to a something they’ve never really explored before. A passion so profound it drives you to be the best you can be at something.


I wanted to explore the reasons why people do what they do. Why people choose to become engineers, coders, cooks, teachers, businessman, traders, entrepreneurs or heartless money making machines. And it all boils down to where come from and who you know growing up. As simple as that. I’ve always managed to do what I like. Sometimes successfully and many others simply a flop but somehow it has worked out.. The main lesson I’ve drawn from many trials and failures is that there is really no match to the feeling of experiencing something you always wanted to do. Nothing.


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