How to make Carbon Credits palpable?

The Kyoto treaty was just signed by Australia this week making the United States the only industrialized nation not to sign.

This week, experts are debating whether rich countries should be able to buy trees as a form of carbon credits. This is exactly what I was thinking and what I want to do with the Amazon jungle. However, the meetings in Bali are at a very high level and who knows if anything would happen with that effort.

I am not sure how this would work, but I think it is a great idea to be in a situation where you can buy land in the Amazon and be able to preserve it with the money that the carbon credits market would produce. My initial thought was that this could be done through a foundation that can get an endowment and allow companies and people to buy a part of this endowment which in turn will be turned into carbon credits for companies and peace of mind for people.

Here is the NPR program on it – very interesting.


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