Further away. Happy.

Today I’ve officially abandoned the mailing list for the Ecuadorian community in Washington. I think their group is doing good things for Ecuador and I agree with their charter. However, there are times when the email communications are just not what I would have expected from well educated and up and coming Ecuadorians residing in the US. All immigrants at some point in our journey have to pack our culture in our back pocket and move forward to join the mainstream. Keep you culture and language as something precious that adds to our whole persona but don’t wear it in your sleeve.

Learn from your new home and support it by bringing the good things from your culture into it. Don’t bring pessimism, empty pride or a close mind. That is not what the immigrant experience is about or just ask Antonio Villaraigosa. He is from Mexican descent and proud of it but as he said he does not wear it in his sleeve. He is the major for all people “ Latinos, African Americans, Asians, whites, etc.

I’ve noticed that many customs become stronger in some people that immigrate to other countries. I think that there are immigrants out there that live in the US who don’t know how to write or speak English. Some other still think that the US is evil and they would rather be elsewhere.

Get out of your shell and appreciate what you have! This is the best country to live, the best country to work, the best country to create wealth, to innovate, to succeed. Wake up! Ecuador is a close knit web of terratenientes and puppet politicians. The people that are trying to make the country better through hard work have to leave or be crushed by the ignorance of our government. Afterall – that’s why we are all here.

What helps luck is a habit of watching for opportunities, of having a patient but restless mind, of sacrificing one’s ease or vanity, or uniting a love of detail to foresight, and of passing through hard times bravely and cheerfully.

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