and NORTEC Partner To Provide Better Artist Discovery on iPhone.

I am so proud to announce two very important milestones for Interesante. First, the partnership with NORTEC Collective and second, the newly updated Interesante for iPhone. Yes, it has been only two weeks since the last update as we keep furiously moving forward making our core features better in order to provide a superb user experience.

NORTEC Collective, a collective of avant-garde artists in electronic music lead by Ramón Amezcua (Bostich) and Pepe Mogt (Fussible) and twice Grammy nominated artists, are now part of the group of advisors to NORTEC collective provides the artistic point of view and opens the doors for up and coming artists to be a crucial part of the discovery engines of the future, where the crowd discovers the hidden gems in platforms like Interesante. Video is key in the discovery of new artists and music and we are committed to taking video discovery to a new level. Interesante has integrated YouTube’s API, enabling video content recommendations.

What a better way to show you some of the news than using our embed feature. Here are some interests that have been published by our users on Enjoy!

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