iPhone: Think Beyond Marketing. Make Your Brand Useful on the iPhone

Kraft’s iFood assistant has broken into the top paid apps for lifestyle. The application makes life simpler for finding and preparing recipes with Kraft branded products.  The application is paid and also has an ad serving capability. According to Adage, Kraft is pulling off a rare trick: getting consumers to pay a one-time 99-cent fee for the app and also sit through ads on it. And in the process, it’s collecting useful data for targeting them more closely.

As Adage notes, when a marketer creates something that’s actually useful, consumers don’t really see it as straight marketing, or they’re at least willing to accept advertising as the payoff. Kraft is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Take note of this. More and more of your customers getting online will do so not via a laptop but via a mobile device. The jump to mobile connectivity is even more drastic in markets where broadband is rare or non-existent. This will happen at all levels of the organization and at all social levels.

Search marketing showed us the way to a more targeted and action driven world. Now its time to take the next step towards a more interconnected and technologically savvy audience. You cannot expect that search text ads will have the same effect because the medium is different and it might turn out that even three lines of text will be irrelevant to users in a mobile device.  Search marketing might be slowly deteriorating.

The mobile platform coupled with a social component is the next big channel that is being offered to marketers. This is not your old keyboard’s web. 

The iPhone has shifted the power to the end users and to the developer community. Practically taking it away from corporate users of blackberry phones. Blackberry is playing catch up. They are putting a good game on but they are behind and fail to see the value on non-corporate users and community.

The bottom line is that your brand (big or small) should start considering a land grab in the iPhone mobile app arena. At the moment there are only 100 applications being launched every month. Take a hint from Kraft. They launched an average app that served a common need. Think about your brand, your online assets and the way you can better serve your community with an iPhone app. 

The market is crowded as it is but we’ve not seen the best of it yet.


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