Lack of common sense

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What in the world is with people! — a good rant is healthy every once in a while … so bear with me on this one.
I have noticed that unfortunately common sense has gone the way of the tyrannosaurs. There is a basic lack of execution with intelligence. I understand a lot of times lack of common sense goes hand-in-hand with inexperience, but there is a point when you just have to stand up and yell out to the world — YOU don’t make any sense! If there is a mistake, for the love of god, highlight it and do something about it.

Gosh, what a day! Wake up at 7 am. Check my email to see if the issue from the previous night was fixed – guess what, it wasn’t. A simple change took over half a day to be implemented. 10.36 pm and I am still typing. Fixing misunderstandings, providing guidance for execution for what seems to be the tenth time …

But not everything is lost. Couple of great things are happening. The data is promising. We are getting great results in a lot of areas and more clients are coming our way.

I pray for a clear strategy in the near future.

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