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Can we, rather, should we take any advice from the smarts of David Armano or Scoble?

There seems to be a blossoming of posts on “how to survive a recession”. Experience matters has its version. Scoble, of course has a post about it. That is all good and I respect the fact that folks are taking the time to pass on their experience to the rest of us, mortals. However, I like Seth Godin’s approach better. He actually posts a job opening and offers a referral fee.

My advise, strap on, look forward and get ready for a ride like no other. Could be over in days, weeks or months.

I came to the US in the height of the technology bubble burst. My first encounter with a faltering US economy. The beauty though, in my humble opinion, is that we are here, the land of opportunity. Specially here, the Silicon Valley – the birthplace of the best technology companies in the world. A place where a guy can start a blog and make a living out of it and become a celebrity.

We are not in Ecuador [where I am originally from]. If the economy tanks in Ecuador, there is really no way out for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ecuador, but it is just not an innovation hub.

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