The Long Tail: Truth or Myth

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Jaffe’s blog posting about Cingular’s Long Tail caught my attention and got me thinking about the truth or myth of The Long Tail, particularly in SEM. I know you most of you might not think about the long tail in actual execution terms, because as a concept is very appealing to a marketer. And a concept should remain.

My experience is that the “long tail” is highly overrated and on top of that poorly executed. I am specifically talking about the long tail in SEM. It is true that through a long tail you can reach a wider audience by targeting smaller niche markets and potentially get more traffic at a lower cost. I have not seen this strategy add considerable value to a broad marketing strategy strategy or a highly niche strategy for that matter.

Today, I am inviting you to share your “Long Tail” Experiences with us to help us solve this mystery.

If folks out there can share the success stories using the long tail concept I would very much appreciate your feedback. If there are few or no responses that serves to strengthen my theory about the long tail being highly overrated.

You can share it in my blog – to respect Jaffe’s bandwidth if you don’t mind.

The low cost that you might see is only a small variable when you factor in the cycles spend developing the long tail. Is it worth putting a team of highly qualified professionals to develop a long tail set in order to achieve a low CPC ? …knowing that those terms will produce a minimal amount of traffic? — Or is it a better strategy to create more channels where you can advertise?

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