The truth behind Ivy League vs. State Universities Education

Educate students to be innovators even at the State University level.

The problem resides at home. We have a system where only a small percent of high tech students are educated to be innovators. Ivy League schools are educating students to be thought leaders while the larger portion of the population in state universities is being educated to become support engineers.

The experience I’ve had in the CSU system (SFSU) is that a student entering computer science is not supported by the faculty and is taught to program solo and without help which has its merits but unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way any more.

The classes are accompanied by professors commentary that usually goes this way:

You will be always supporting someone else’s code so you need to learn to support other people’s code because that is what you will be doing as a career.

Your job after school will be to support other people’s code and probably you’ll do that for years “if not for ever” ha, ha, ha.

You don’t need to learn how to create other functions in this programming language because you’ll be using others and you will have to read thousands of lines of code every day of your life from other people’s code.

Just learn to debug and you’ll be qualified to be a test engineer.

This sounds like a developing country’s university education where you are expecting others to create the code and innovate.


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