Who is Antonio and Why Should You Care?

For folks interested in knowing my professional profile please visit my linkedin profile or simply search for Antonio Altamirano and you’ll see different sites that relate to my name. Also, please head over to Tangelo.


A long long time ago I was one of the first whitewater rafting guides in Ecuador. My last commercial trip was 9  10 years ago in the Rio Blanco. The gig was fun. I would wake up in the morning around 5 AM and head down to rivers class III/V with my customers for a super fun day riding waves and flipping the raft over in the Amazon jungle. I apparently was pretty good according to my trainer and boss at the time, Steve Nomchong, an Australian born river guide that decided to move to Ecuador and start his own company. I respect that a lot.

Today I am a corporate worker  I am the CEO and founder of Tangelo, LLC. I love internet technologies and the new media. I still have that adventure guide streak on me.

Over the years I have been thinking about the role that technology and travel play on helping developing countries. I don’t claim a direct ink between tourism and sustainable economic development but what I do see is a strong relationship between exposure to foreign ideas and cultures and the flourishing of new local markets otherwise unthinkable.

So what?

I believe that there is a way that technology can be used to “level the paying field” between developed and developing countries. I believe that a positive side effect of responsible outsourcing is the improvement of living conditions for relatives and family. I believe that through a combination of responsible travel on one side and professional technological collaboration on the other, we can help build a more equitable system with profits to be shared among all parties involved.

Why should you care?

Because I believe that you like great product design, fantastic software development, speed and accountability. Because I believe in achieving high quality products on time and on budget. Because I am invested 100% in every single project I do.

Because I believe in growing the bottom line through smart business practices. Also, because I believe that as much as we all care about the bottom line, we want to know that through this work we are helping others improve their skills and standard of living without giving charity but through hard work, even if it is a unintended side-effect.

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  1. Congratulations Antonio during the 2nd anniversary of your blog.

    One excellent characteristic of this way of helping is how pervasive it is, holding in waiting until another soul is ready to carry the flag further.

    And writing about 'work' … our SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure at work (Java version 1.4.2_03) is retrieving and processing portions of the same file while it is being downloaded. Do you happen to know where could we get the documentation to improve that behavior?

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