Convincing a search engine you are number 1 is easy.

Now try convincing a human that you are number 1 or the right person for the job. That’s slightly more difficult, depending on the person of course. That’s why social media represents a harder challenge than search. Here are some considerations and key differences between building a corporate or personal presence without a strong social component.
  1. In social media you can’t pay your way to the top.

    • At least not for long. In search, if you are a well-funded business you can pay your way to the top eliminating the human filter completely.
  2. A search engine is for the most part “dumb”.

    With the adequate (white hat) pieces you can put together the puzzle and feed the ensemble to the search engine. Since most websites do it wrong,  you have a good chance at getting some of those highly coveted top positions

  3. Social media is powered by humans.

    Human passion drives leaders and spammers. That is then used as a filter and as a powerful influencing channel that can be a curse or a blessing for a brand.

  4. SEO can be done in isolation.

    Collaboration with the subject matter expert (SME) is key but the SEO steps can be implemented by the SEO guru who maintains a set of static assumptions and answers (meta information) that are then fed through an equation to the search engine. Thus the SME need not to be involved any longer

  5. Social media presence needs to be represented by the SME directly

    If not directly, then the involvement and collaboration with the Social Media expert needs to be constant and inmediate. To be successful the communication needs to be clear, constant and the knowledge always improving.

  6. Having a website without a real-time social component is like having a bakery with the “out to lunch” sign on all the time.

    Your business needs to interact with your customers in any way possible in order to satisfy their expectations.


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