A twitter life…

My name is Antonio.
I don’t have a cubicle or corporate office.
I have a wicked smart virtual team. I run my own company.

Have meetings all day. Many projects to manage.
Collaborate with the world.
My life is fast. I tweet.

…went into facebook and it worked for a while.

@Friends and co-workers have @ symbols before or after their names.
I take breaks. I clear my thoughts. I get ideas.
I meet my co-workers in corporate offices
and my @friends at un-conferences.

Not attached to a location.
I’m attached to a business objective.
I need tools. Fast n mobile tools.
Good ideas. Better processes.
I tweet.


  1. I feel like I’m always looking for interesting things to read about a variety of subjects, but I manage to include your blog among my reads every day because you have honest entries that I look forward to. Here’s hoping there’s a lot more amazing material coming!

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  3. not to mention – It’s light, mobile and not intrusive while tanning at the BEACH! eh?! LOL

    I love hearing about how Twitter is a useful MOTIVATIONAL tool – as u described when a Twitter Friend (Fweep) helped u complete a task in record time – while making it more enjoyable. Now THAT’s a GREAT use 4 Twitter!

  4. I would say twitter helps me be more creative – because it creates a testing environment for ideas that is on and available at all times. Not yet for work 100%.

    My main point was that twitter fits the fast pace of current society. It’s light, mobile and not intrusive. You can tap *real* people in real time. You can turn it off at any point to do work or for meetings. You can take it with you or not.

    I’ve even been helped by a fellow twitterer when I was taking care of some frustrating task. That helped me finish my task much quicker.

    Thanks for the comment @coachdeb

  5. So Anotonio – you twitter – therefore you are?

    Would you say your most important use of Twitter is to collaborate INSTANTLY with your world wide team? Or something else?

    And do you have different @ TWitter ID’s for different purposes?

    It’s been Great Tweeting with you on Twitter!


  6. That’s funny – My family is about to grow by 2 (at the same time) and my wife will be at home. I guess I’ll have to get a phone with a really good wireless antena and a train to be fast at muting =)

  7. Ooh.
    Now see, I would love that sort of environment. Much better than “have you logged into the server remotely so we can connect?”

    (un)Fortunately, having retreated from IT to full-time parenting, I’m just a shout away from my daughter. Old school triumphs in that real-space setting! 🙂

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