Argentina’s Pool of Amazing Talent

This week has gone by in a snap!  This has been one of the best business trips I’ve ever taken. Met wonderful and talented people, ate the best steak ever and drank so much mate I am addicted now.

Traveling to a foreign land is always a challenge specially when you are putting together a team of people to support top of the line clients and to produce cutting edge experiences for them. That is what we are doing with Tangelo in Argentina.

Many people would confuse that with a twist on outsourcing. Tangelo is not an outsourcing company. We just do our work in Argentina. Early stage ideas are given shape in Argentina, not just implemented. Interfaces are created, polished and optimized here as well. The code, the graphic design, the software architecture and more – all done in Argentina. Our customers happen to be in the US but we are expanding that customer base.

We made Laprida Suites our headquarters for a week and the apartment is holding up as a meeting place quiet nicely. It is easy to access for most folks that live in the city and it has literally dozens of little cafes and parrillas with free wireless internet access almost everywhere. Just be sure to ask for the password and wireless ID. In Spanish that would be: Perdon, cual es el wireless y clave para el internet? The area (Recoleta) is quiet at night and very family oriented. Lots of babies and puppies everywhere!  If you are staying a week and have to make calls for meetings, make sure you buy calling cards at the farmacity stores or in the many kiosks that you will find around Recoleta.

When I got to Buenos Aires, I already knew Leandro (my Argentinian partner) very well in a very new-age virtual kind of way. We’ve been working together for years without ever meeting face-to-face.  In this new world of instant communication there’s really no need for constant face to face communication. Please note that I am not saying that face time is not important, sometimes is not as necessary as it was thought to be in the past.

We’ve been working night and day giving the final touches to the iPhone app that one of our clients will be launching and a few other projects such as web interfaces for social media applications, corporate redesigns for startups and more. MUCH more!

There’s an incredible talent pool in Argentina, not in volume of people but in depth of knowledge. If you know where to look and  find a reliable partner, your company will be able to take advantage of world class coders, designers and web martekers.

Plus we’re skipping the classic web altogether and jumping into mobile, but that’s another post.

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