Business Plan for Facebook Application (Hitchhiker Hookup) that came out of WeekendApps

DISCLAIMER: The app was developed in one weekend @weekendapps. All the participants agreed that the exercise was worth the time but due to previous commitments the application was not further developed. We ended in fourth place out of 11 applications. We were behind an app that had been in development for about 12 months (Piki Pages) and another one that needed a few touches not full development (Spring Break). The true winner was Matchtastic. It was developed over the weekend and launched that weekend.

This is s summary of what we want to see for our Hitchhiker Facebook app.

1. Growth and engagement.

These are lofty goals that need to be measured once the application actually launches. Growth, measured in terms of adoption. If the app flops in term of adoption then there is no other metric to be measured.

2. Bottom line.

We all need to monetize to some level to make the exercise viable. The monetization strategy lies in the socialization of this tool and its continuous use. The app will be able to be monetized only if the engagement factor works out. The target client will be a successful online travel service that seeks exposure to a niche audience (25+ individuals with disposable income to spend in discretional travel activities) in the social media market. i.e. Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, GordonsGuide.

3. Purpose of the app.

We want you to complete a journey to a destination anywhere in the world. A journey that will take you to new places with the help of your friends. You will hitch a ride with friends and friends of friends that are willing and able to introduce you to folks that are in your travel path and that are able to help you reach your destination.

4. Why in the world would I install your app to my facebook profile?

Simple. The more people you give a ride to or recruit for your trip, the more points you will earn towards winning a real life adventure trip. If you are a traveler, you will collect points for every friend you recruit in your journey. Those points count towards getting a real life adventure.

5. What are the adventures you can win?

+ Third prize: Adventure trip to the Amazon Jungle in style.

+ Second place: Luxurious multi-sport adventure throughout South America visiting the highest active volcano in the world, the equator and Macchu Picchu.

+ First place: Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru adventure trip.High end adventure spas and a super cool and knowledgeable guide that will lead you through an adventure of a lifetime. Truly.

All inclusive adventure with a dash of pampering luxury.


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