Making the Case for Social Media in Corporations. Four Case Studies

2945559128_0a8871d33d_oThis is a collection of social media studies that are meant to help you make a decision about your social media strategy online for your brand or company. If you are on the fence about whether your brand should fully engage in social media, then consider the fact that even a company like Apple that barely ever jumps into the hype (unless is theirs) is starting to engage with customers via social media sites. Look at the facts below and make a decision later.

Cone Inc. via MediaPost

“78% of new media users interact with companies or brands via new media sites and tools”

A just-released study from Cone Inc. reports that among new-media users, a staggering 78% of them interact with companies or brands via new media sites and tools, up from 59% the year before. Majority Of Consumers Want To Interact With Brands Online. And these users are conversing with brands more often: Some 37% say they do so at least once a week, up from one in four when Cone did the study last year. It’s not enough to simply have new media presences (although 95% of users expect it.) Increasingly, they are looking for companies and brands not just with websites (58%) and email (45%), but with involvement in social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace (30%) and online games (24%). Surprisingly, given their loathing of pop-ups and other intrusive ad methods, 43% say they want to see companies advertise online, up from 25% last year. And women especially are enthusiastic about offers that include freebies, coupons or discounts (58%).

The Participatory Marketing Network via Mashable

This particular study, the third Gen Y behavioral study conducted by The Participatory Marketing Network (PMN) and the Lubin School of Business’ Interactive and Direct Marketing (IDM) Lab at Pace University took place in October and involved 203 participants between the ages of 18 – 24. The study was focused on examining preferences around social networking, email, texting, talking on the phone, watching TV, reading magazines, and surfing the web (non social media sites).

PRWEEK via AllBusiness

79% of respondents say social media will have more of an impact on connecting with consumers in the next year or two.

The majority of respondents say that social media will have more of an impact on the following aspects over the next year or two: connection to customers (79%); building company or brand awareness (76%); generating sales and revenue (63%); increasing or maintaining market share (62%); managing corporate reputation (61%); and managing stakeholder opinions of the company or its brands (48%). Crisis management was the only aspect where more respondents believe the impact will be the same (49%) than more (41%).

Obamanomics by Yovia

The 4 C’s of Social Velocity: Content, Connections, Community, Conversions

“The question is not “does viral marketing work?”, or “should I use Social Media in my marketing plan?”.
The question is: “am I willing to let my consumers and my customers become my channel?” Is my brand, product or service good enough to survive and flourish in a democratic marketplace? The Obama campaign embraced this new, open society. Unlike most of the publishing, entertainment and music industries today, the campaign encouraged the rampant re-purposing of content and thus started a movement that took on a life of its own.”

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