Latinos in Social Media: Why is this growing trend important to your business?

A fairly new group of outspoken and knowledgeable Latinos has come into the social media scene. Given the power and influence that the Latino community is commanding in mainstream culture, this is a trend worth noting for corporations, retail and services marketers. As Louis Pagan from (Latinos in Social Media) notes, with 21 million Latino internet users, Latinos In Social Media (@latism) serves as a voice and establishes a presence.  We are unprecedented and seek to pave the way for Latinos who are now proven to be the most tech-savvy and innovative demographic on the internet today.

The awareness of cultural skills in at the workplace has been relegated to a secondary status for too long. Since corporations live in a virtual and global business environment, managers expect people with similar skills to be interchangeable. While that is liberating for employees, the missed opportunity of not using the cultural knowledge combined with the skills of a worker is potentially a much larger loss for the corporation.

This is especially true in social media which is a social environment where people self-categorize based on many factors such as culture, business affinity and topic expertise. A company wanting to reach its audience needs to understand that the biggest opportunity lies in a depth and breath approach. Reaching to the wider audience is the first step of a proper social media campaign. Complementing this strategy with a targeted two-way conversation with undervalued niche markets such as the Latino market will ensure that your brand or service penetration continues to grow by creating relationships with under-served Latino audiences.

Here are some resources you can use to start learning more about this growing trend:

Twitter: @latism

Social networks:
Batanga: By far, the best designed and well thought out portal serving Latinos with relevant content (in this case music). This is the next step that very few sites targeting Latinos have taken. Unfortunately, many latino-oriented websites are stuck in Web 1.0


Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP)

Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA)
Welcome to the Latinas in Computing Web Portal.

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