How To Determine If Your Brand Is Ready For Social Media

The B2B landscape has changed considerably. A couple of years ago it was the norm for lower level employees to distill the information that was passed on to senior and C-suite executives.

Social Media (even more than search) has helped bring the information directly to the decision makers which is your target market. This graph below might help understand the demographics of Facebook better  and thanks to @scottmonty for his insightful post on Facebook demographics we can understand it better.

Inside Facebook

Inside Facebook

There are a few things you should look at before plunging into social media, but the bottom line is that if your brand is already well respected and folks are aware of the value, then social media will help you harness that power and use it to support sales.

  1. Do you have a leader that understands the social media field? (Not a heavy user necessarily but a strategist that combines social, technology and leadership skills that are needed to thrive.
  2. Does your leadership (senior management and/or C-Suite) understand the value of social media for your organization?
  3. Do you produce fresh and relevant content that can keep your interaction lively?
  4. Is your company or brand a market influence? If so, then social media is a channel to cement the role of thought leader that you’ve already earned.

Furthermore, social media will help you establish the personal brand of the company’s employees as experts in their field and thought leaders in a way that no other media can do. While “old media” gives you one channel and one voice, social media turns all your employees into brand advocates, change agents and thought leaders carrying the company’s brand name with them.

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  4. I like your social media checklist. A lot of companies plunge into social media with a plan for why they're doing it and what they are going to do. This can easily scuttle even the best of intentions, and cause a lot of frustration when their social media efforts aren't rewarded. In many cases, the best approach is walking before you run. It's better to get a good feel for the social media landscape, and then create a strategic and tactical plan that includes particular goals or objectives.

    1. Thanks! Lots of companies dive in (which should be commended) but don't have the leadership or understanding of the medium. This stops their brands from realizing the true power of their brand with social media.

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