Social Media Strategy Before Tactics?

Not really. At least not yet. As Guy Kawasaki puts it, “Social-media strategy” is over-rated if not a downright oxymoron. That was his opening line in his answer to the question posed about social media and whether social media strategy comes before tools. Many of the respondents (all great great bloggers and thinkers by the way) try to actually answer the question with long winded metaphors that attempt to answer a question that might be an oxymoron right off the bat.

The answer to such a narrowly focused question is yes, of course. But it is not a “social media strategy” it is a business strategy
You can have programs that boost your social-media efforts just as you have search marketing programs that boost your SEM and SEO efforts, but to say that you need a social media strategy is a far stretch. That’s why many of the respondents in that blog post defaulted to metaphors and comparisons. 
The good answers are the ones that really skipped the question and focused in the business strategy not the actual question.
Kudos to Lee for getting everyone involved. Great topic. 


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