Top 10 Brands on Twitter and Facebook

How are the top brands performing on Twitter and Facebook? What are their follower numbers? Are any of them doing it wrong? Read on for in depth answers.

The Top 15 Brands as classified by Interbrands have been analyzed to find out their level of presence and success in two of the main social media channels: Twitter and Facebook. Google, the dear of the internet shows a strong lead vs. any other brand in one channel but a rather weak following in the other. IBM and BMW although strong are not taking full advantage of their brand power. Here are some of the key findings of this initial study.

Study Top 15 Brands Social Presence Comparison

  • GE passes with flying colors as it was easy to find just by searching Plus they have a microsite dedicated to this effort
  • IBM’s efforts with other accounts like and is commendable but they really need to get the @IBM account on twitter. On Facebook there is a strong employee presence but no clear corporate sponsorship of the group or a facebook page devoted to the brand
  • There is a huge difference in the number of fans that a page that is obviously supported by the company on Facebook and a page that does not look like is 100% legit. Take McDonalds with over 1 Million fans vs. Toyota’s page which look amateurish in comparison and has only gathered a little over 50K fans
  • Google is the all time winner on Twitter where the it seems to indicate that the heavy users of the internet reside. Over 1.6 million followers on Twitter vs. just over 350K on Facebook.
  • BMW has a strong fan base but its presence on these channels is minute compared to other top brands that are taking full advantage of the medium.