The Community Startup: Lance Rios and 25K+ People Love Being Latino

Being Latino

Being Latino

Belief, lots of work and sweat lots of sweat equity. That is what it takes to create and maintain a community that focuses around the simple notion of being latino. That is what Lance Rios has been able to create. An active and vibrant community of folks that share the love of being latino.

The success and sheer growth of the being latino community within facebook has been quiet healthy. Now it boosts over $25K members of which many of them are active users. Topics of discussion range from politics, to entertainment and technology.

Being Latino has incorporated and now is actively hiring writers and recruiting tech-savvy interns that can help cover topics of interest for the community. One thing that is not entirely clear yet is the business plan behind it and whether the idea is scalable. As of right now they seem to be having one hell of a ride.

Here is part of the email interview we did with Lance.

I created “Being Latino” simply because I felt that there was a void that needed to be filled. I have been able to foster growth, community and trust for the follow:

1. I feel that Facebook stands as the #1 starting point for any start-up organization and/or business because, Facebook offers a more detailed a familiar experience for it’s members. I use Twitter, YouTube and my blogging pages merely ascondiments for the Facebook Page.

2. When people are on Being Latino, they have the ability to be empowered, share their POV and connect with other Latinos nationally who often share the same experiences.

3. I am passionate about it. The amount of work that I have put into Being Latino for the past 6 months is crazy, when reflecting back to see that I am not profiting from it. Passion is what drives me and being able to see what “Being Latino” has offered so many Latinos across the globe, drives me to strive to continue.


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