The last week of the first decade of the new millennium. Let’s make it count!

The end of the year is great opportunity to review goals, make all sorts of predictions about what the new year is bringing and feel as if we have run out of time to complete some of the goals that we set off for 2009.

I tell you what, we still have a week and rather than waiting for the year to disappear into oblivion, let’s try to make this week memorable. Let’s make it the year end with a swoosh!

Here are a few things that you can still do online and without too much effort and that will make a huge impact in other’s people’s lives:

  1. Donate to the #latism Toy Drive – starts December 3oth so it qualifies as a last week of the decade event.
  2. Finish reading that one last book (e-book) you’ve been meaning to read all year
  3. Post a comment and say thank you to the bloggers you read the most
  4. Go to work and get started on that off-the-wall creative project you’ve been putting off (or at least have that conversation with your boss about the value it would bring to the company)
  5. Start your blog.
  6. Reach out and get to know someone new on Twitter

How are you going to make the last week of the first decade of the new millennium count? Post a comment below and let us know!


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