Top 10 Reasons Why People Don’t Care About Your Brand on Twitter

How do you know that people don’t care about your brand on Twitter?

The number of retweets and replies drop from a few to an irrelevantly low number.  You continue to have followers but no one talks to you with @replies and no one asks questions. In short, no one cares what you are tweeting.

Here are the top ten reasons why and how to solve them:

  1. Twitterfeed

    • Twitterfeed is a blessing in disguise. There are brands that use Twitterfeed as the only way to publish information to their Twitter account. Their Twitter presence becomes a spamy mess of awkwardly posted robot-generated tweets.
    • Solution: Space out your twitterfeed postings to a rational number scheduled to go out at random times.
  2. Auto-DMs

    • You think every new follower deserves a thoroughly crafted DM. Except you think they all deserve the same message and what better way to do that than automating the process.
    • Solution: Don’t use them. Period
  3. Not following anyone

    • Your brand is too important to follow anyone back. Analysts, CEOs, reporters, bloggers or other brands. No one deserves a follow back from your brand.
    • Solution: Follow people back who are relevant to your industry
  4. Impersonal

    • As much as you try, the tweets continue to sound to rehearsed and planned.
    • Solution:
      • Tweet after work when you are more relaxed at home. If you work from home, get out and tweet from somewhere else.
      • Search for your brand on Twitter and try to be helpful by answering questions about the brand or about a particular topic.
      • Tweet about work but from a more informal point of view. Give us a quick glimpse of life behind the firewall.
  5. No replies

    • You are not replying publicly to the questions that are being asked on Twitter.
    • Solution: If you don’t want to get your Twitter feed polluted with @replies. I think is the case with Louis Gray‘s twitter feed then (very much like him) try to find another way to give back to your followers. Respond either via a blog or a secondary Twitter account.
  6. No retweets

    • No retweets makes you look like you don’t care about what’s being said by others.
    • Solution: Make the effort to RT relevant tweets every so often. It will pay back 100 fold.
  7. There is no person behind the tweets

    • There is no person listed behind the tweets. Although I love brands I connect to people behind them not the brands themselves.
    • Solution: List a Twitterer on duty or use CoTweet or HootSuite to make this visible. Please do not use a ghost twitterer without clearly disclosing. Or just ask Guy Kawasaki about his experience with that.
  8. You are tweeting but you are not listening

    • Solution: Listen, monitor and act on the feedback
  9. You think you can just jump in and start tweeting.

    • This one was directly taken from Adage’s post on Top 10 reasons why brands shouldn’t tweet — “Listen first. Monitor what’s being said about your brand, your industry, your products. Then join the conversation and become part of the community. Then your occasional marketing messages will be accepted, or at least tolerated because you also add value to the community.”
  10. Your updates clearly indicate that your Twitter activity is always, only, about pushing your own service/product

  • This last one was taken from Mashable’s FOLLOW FAIL: The Top 10 Reasons I Will Not Follow You in Return on Twitter–“So, you have decided to use Twitter as an online marketing tool in order to sell your amazing service and/or product, and you make this glaringly obvious. I find this fabulous, because not only must this tactic be working for you, but it also allows me to immediately decide whether or not I want to follow you in return. Since I do not use Twitter in this manner, I rarely follow any of these users brands in return, unless said product or service genuinely piques my interest/desire to support it.


  1. Good tips from many sources collated into one with new tips I haven't seen posted anywhere. This is a great list with great advice to follow, Tweeters.

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