Top CEOs on Twitter That More People Should Follow (i.e. not @ev)

Written by Antonio Altamirano | Founder and CEO at Tangelo

I was going through the recommendations for people to follow on my @MrTweet account and I saw a few very interesting names and was surprised by the relatively low number of followers they have. As CEOs of successful companies and thought leaders, following them offers quite a bit of insight into their minds from the mundane to the useful and interesting.

I have uncovered a list of CEOs that you should follow on Twitter.

Since apparently a cat (Yes an actual cat) can get half a million followers on Twitter in less than three months, I thought it might be a good idea to follow folks that actually would add value to your feed. Sorry @sockington.

[Do you have other names of CEOs that you think should be on this list?  Please add them in the comments area.]


Russ Mann is chief executive officer of Covario, Inc. For more than two decades Russ has been a pioneer in advanced analytics, internet lead generation and Customer Relationship Management for enterprise-class organizations.  Russ has worked with a variety of diverse organizations to create revenue upside through online marketing and customer management technologies.


Bill has a dual role as CEO of Global Strategies International and Director of Global Search Strategy for Ogilvy. Bill is the co-author of the best selling book “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.” Driving Traffic to Your Companies Web Site from IBM Press now in it’s 2nd Edition. Here is Bill Hunt’s blog


Michal Lazerow. BuddyMedia CEO. Entrepreneur who has founded four successful internet-based media companies — Buddy Media, a NYC-based start up, U-Wire, sold to Student Advantage,, sold to Time Inc, and Lazerow Consulting LLC. Passion for creating, managing and growing companies. Selling ’em ain’t bad either!


Derek was bit by the entrepreneur bug early in life, starting his first business of selling candy bars to fellow students at recess by the age of eight. Derek, a self proclaimed workaholic puts in 100+ hour workweeks to help fulfill the vision of When not in the office, you can find Derek… wait, trick question. You can find Derek in the office.


Elliott Ng. Co-founder, angel investor, startup advisor focused on online travel and cross border China deals.


Eugene Lee. Socialtext CEO – Enterprise 2.0, parent, social software, piano chamber music, photography, golf, Korean American, Vistage CEO member Also


Seth Besmertnik. CEO of Conductor, Inc.  Besmertnik’s passion for entrepreneurial business development is grounded in his early experiences in enterprise software sales & real estate development. During the years prior to Conductor, he achieved several sales and achievement awards while spending his evenings attending business school. In 2003, Besmertnik successfully founded health portal, where he learned and developed the innovative search practices that later became the foundation of Conductor’s marketing solutions.


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