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I’ve been debating for a while now whether to add my complete twitter feed to this blog or not. For a lot of you this is a no-brainer because your blogs might be tailored to the more technical audience. But that is not the case with all blogs out there. As a matter of fact the technology blogs, although extremely influential in the blogosphere, make up just a fraction of the universe of blogs.

The reason why it has been quite a difficult decision to make is because I know that there are people (non-geeks) that read my blog that simply would be puzzled at the little blurbs of “what are you doing now?” content within the page.

At the same time I know for a fact that the (non-spammy) virality of twitter is crucial nowadays to bring a blog to life. After all, is your blog worth anything if it lacks a community?

Twitter Counter solved my problem. It allows you to, in a very old fashion way add a badge with the number of followers that you have in Twitter. The badge updates itself automatically and it is a breeze to add it to your blog.  Twitter Counter helps you to make a statement and show your readers that you are part of the community at large and that you are collaborating and creating with others. In other words, it tells your geeky audience that you are not some orphan crazy blogger shooting words into cyberspace while keeping it clean and understandable for the rest of your readers.

Why do I care about this?

Simple. I want people understand the goodness of the internet and its power without having to be overly technical. I need to be able to know that my mom, who probably reads this blog 🙂 understands what I’m writing about and how can she use what she learns here without knowing all the technical aspects of the interwebz.

At the same time, I want you to know (twitter community) that I am engaged in a participatory way with the twitter community which tends to be made of techies, early adopters and tech bloggers for the most part.


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