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The Latino population has been consistently underrepresented in areas of the economy that have a high return on investment. Representation in startups is one of those fields.  But now, thanks to a better educated and more proactive generation, we are witnessing  the flourishing of entrepreneurs that are either starting their own businesses or companies targeting exclusively the latino market. This is really good news for the economy.

This space is devoted to highlighting those latino/a entrepreneurs that are risk takers and that are leading the way. This post explores a startup that is lead by Julio Varela (@julito77) and that has found that the path you take often defines the services your company provides and that it is often better to learn as you go and be flexible with your business objectives. Have one mission in mind but don’t forget what you learn along the way.

v5 has been in business for over a year now, and it started with one charge: to promote the career of Fernando Varela an up and coming singer. V5 started by making sure they had a great product that can be promoted and that they believed in.

In the case of V5 they believe that Fernando Varela’s music can be a strong differentiator and can make the company a smashing success. V5 made the strategic decision to use social media to get people to buy Fernando’s CD or to go buy his music in iTunes.

V5 made some decisions to create relationships first online and then discuss their businesses with people offline. That is a tired and true business principle that has been the success of many companies for decades.  So they “worked it,” and presented themselves as a family supporting Fernando and spreading the world about his music.

In the meantime, their desire to connect with people opened new business opportunies for them. Not only because their new friends started promoting Fernando as well but because V5 became knowledgeable in how to leverage major social media tools to increase their brand.

As a result, V5 is now approached by major companies and brands to help them craft online strategies.

So how do you become something? As Julio says, just start sharing and helping people, without set expectations. You would be surprised what will happen.


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