Your Brand Advocates – How to Find Them and What They Are Worth [FREE WEBINAR]

Written by Antonio Altamirano | Founder and CEO at Tangelo

I am pleased to invite you to a a webinar sponsored by Zuberance that I am organizing. The panel is made of Social Media practitioners from Ogilvy, Samsung., Comcast and Zuberance. Kety Esquivel from Ogilvy, Esteban Contreras from Samsung and Rob Fuggetta from Zuberance. They are outstanding marketers and they have an amazing track record building communities and connecting to relevant audiences through cutting edge channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


July, 28th 2010 at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET

What will you learn in the webinar?

Learn how to measure the value of your Brand Advocates on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media channels. Our panel of experts from Ogilvy, Samsung and Zuberance will explain how can you supercharge standard marketing campaigns by finding and energizing Brand Advocates. The webinar is for brand and performance marketers and C-level executives. You will also have the opportunity to learn how Zuberance technology turns Social Media into sales now for large consumer brands.

The panel will discuss:

How to find and engage your Brand Advocates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and more
How to determine the value of a Brand Advocate so you can get real ROI on your social media efforts
The panel will be available to answer your questions and explore new ideas

Meet our Panel

Kety Esquivel, VP of Digital Strategy at Ogilvy

As a VP of Digital Strategy at Ogilvy, Kety provides a clear understanding of what’s important and relevant in the digital landscape to clients and their audiences. At Ogilvy Kety is a key architect in building the next generation agency focused on high impact word of mouth marketing. Kety provides clients with the strategies and solutions necessary to connect with customers and constituencies across the digital landscape. Follow Kety on .

Esteban Contreras, Social Media Lead for Samsung

Esteban is the Social Media Manager for Samsung Electronics USA. He leads all Samsung Electronics efforts on , , , Flickr, and , as well as the integration of Social Media with other digital marketing strategies.

Rob Fuggetta, Founder and CEO at Zuberance

Rob is the driving force behind Zuberance’s vision and strategy. He founded Zuberance in February 2007 because he saw a major opportunity for companies to harness the power of Word of Mouth and the Social Web to drive sales. As CEO, Rob is ultimately responsible for all aspects of Zuberance’s business including product, engineering, operations, customer success, and sales and marketing. Rob is a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley who has played a leadership role in three start-ups including Genuity, which went public in June 2000. Rob was formerly a partner at Regis McKenna Inc., the legendary Silicon Valley marketing and communications firm, where he co-led the global Apple business. Follow Zuberance on .

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