Day #1: Defining software architecture, visual identity and stickiness [Tangelo Startup House]

We’ve arrived in Buenos Aires and it is cold outside but the house is bubbling with enthusiasm.  The great majority of the Tangelo team was already here, working to have the app running by August 17th as planned.  Coders and designers debating the subtleties of the app and planning core data architecture, server setup and visual identity. The first day has gone really well. The collaboration between front end, back end and UI engineers is excellent and so far really efficient.

Tangelo Startup House

Tangelo Startup House

We’re also inviting you to join us for a tweeetup on August 7th at the house. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the app we’re developing. Sign up now. We have 20 spots for folks that want to join us.  We’ll be serving food and drinks and picking your brain for feedback.

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  1. OK. I got initiated in the Yerba Mate ritual in Buenos Aries here. Strong stuff that, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The folks have been awesome. So refreshing to see an unbridled sense of passion and enthusiasm for innovation and design

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