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Here’s To The Crazy Ones.

As I waited for my turn to speak at the LSA Innovation Summit, I started thinking about how much it has taken to start three companies, fail and have the courage and audacity to get up and keep going and succeed again.

Get started now.

Where ever you are, get started. You will find a lot of people that tell you that you can’t do it so the earlier you get started, the faster you’ll get over it. Entrepreneurs that are getting started need to hear a resounding yes, get started now. People will tell you that you have no skills (which might be true simply because you are young) or that the competition is though. Yes, things will be difficult but you need to find that on your own.

Be relentless.

When I got started I had no network in the Silicon Valley and I had never built a product. I did not know what a software product was. So I asked around and people told me no, don’t do it. But I continued on partly because my blissful ignorance allowed me to. I did not know what I didn’t know so there were no barriers except for the learning curve so I started looking around and I learned as much as I could from the smartest people I found. I went to India, China and the Ukraine looking for a team. I found out that if I wanted to work with people I needed to connect with like minds, self-starters. I didn’t want to micromanage everything.


I saw as my dial up turned into DSL. I saw how a little known platform turned into something called wordpress. I witnessed the morphing of twitter into something big.  I saw the struggle these people went through and it wasn’t easy. I saw how much they fought the naysayers, the critics and the non-believers. If you are getting started, be relentless and believe that your instincts are right. Because they are whether you know it or not.

If that’s not enough, watch Apple deliver the message:


  1. Good stuff, I just started up a digital marketing/seo/web development company ( and yeah, being relentless and believing are two huge things. There are always bumps in the road but you just have to keep going. Connecting with people who are like-minded is incredibly important in this as well. Nice article!

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