Angel Investment Outlook in Argentina: 2011

2011 will be the most active year in Argentina regarding angel investments, since the stock market crash in 2008.

According to the study carried out by Ernst & Young Argentina, based on investment intentions showed by more than 800 employers surveyed, investments will rise 10% – 20%.

If we also consider the non-stop growth of new enterprises in this country, we can foresee a very positive scene for the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the Argentine work force -recognized worldwide as creative, innovative and committed- this country became in a very promising region, especially respecting the Internet industry.

In recent years, several Argentine Startups, linked to technological innovation, have grown surprisingly fast and even started to compete in the global market. However, most of them projects were benefited with an initial investment of foreign capital because the micro-investments are not highly developed in the country.

In Argentina, the culture of angel investments hasn’t kept pace with the startups. This is why groups have emerged to promote angel investments in Argentina, a practice hitherto reserved only for USA and Europe. Clearly these groups are trying mainly to create a framework of trust in which investors feel more secure. Credibility in financial matters is one of the major pitfalls that Argentina must overcome to achieve a real growth of angel investments.

Groups promoting angel investment in Argentina

  • The Business Angels’ Club

This group, created by former students of IAE, seeks to promote investment awareness in those people who are able to provide risk capital. The Club aims to encourage the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs, companies and investors to maximize the intellectual capital of Argentina.

The target investor profile pointed by the  Business Angels Club is a person with an entrepreneurial spirit who, in addition to providing capital, can also be involved in the creation and consolidation of a company through their experience, knowledge and contacts.

  • Investor’s Club of Emprear

This Club has similar characteristics to The Business Angels’ Club, regarding its target investor’s profile, its philosophy and its goals but, in addition to regular meetings where projects are presented, it organizes training programs for investors and entrepreneurs as well.

How does the investments system work?

The Clubs conduct the search, screening and analysis of projects, but the investments are decided by each member. People invest money from their personal assets in the projects they choose.

Both clubs are concerned about supporting the growth and development of Argentine enterprises, due to the enormous human and material resources of the country, which were so far only exploited abroad.

Globant, the Argentine Startup which causes wonder around the world

With only $ 1,000 inicial investment but big ideas and knowledge, the engineers Martín Migoya, Martín Umaran, Guibert Englebienne and Néstor Nocetti founded this computer services company, which now has about a thousand of professional employees and first class customers like Coca Cola, Sabre and Citi and others.

Currently, Globant has offices in major cities of Argentina and also in Colombia, Chile and the United States.

Globant is also a novelty because its Human Resources department, which has modern policies tailored to the needs and expectations of the generation of professionals known as Generation Y. As a result of these policies, Globant is the company with less employees fluctuation, a common phenomenon in most companies involved in the technology industry.

A couple of years ago, Martin Migoya, Globant’s CEO, said in an interview: “The greatest value that our group is contributing to society in Argentina is showing that a small company -born in a 30m2 apartment- can become a multinational which transcends borders and has a value at which Argentines are not used. “


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