Global Collaboration and Company Culture

Globalization is changing both, the model and the concept of a business corporation.

The first multinational companies that became international built a network of sales and distribution that exceeded the nations borders; however, the manufacturing of its products was always been in their country of origin.  The multinational model involves having sales department in each country with a marketing department, human recourses department, etc.

Today we are comig closer to overcoming the multinational business model in order to achieve a new one based on global and horizontal integration.

What is Global Collaboration?

Global Collaboration in a business is the system which organizes the activities of the company, regardless of frontiers, and with a more horizontal structure. Employees and employers of these kind of companies, work from different parts of the world. The hierarchy between them is barely perceptible.

Global collaborative companies have a different nature than multinationals. Global collaborative companies establish their operations anywhere in the world. They are based on the appropriate balance of costs, available talent and the right environment for business.

How does global collaboration work in a company?

  • The company needs a collaborative process design and stability to coordinate the actions of all persons employed therein.
  • The employee training is allways necessary. By doing this, employees learn how to collaborate and articulate their practice, despite not sharing the same workplace with the rest of their colleagues.
  • These companies are made by teams or individuals from different cultures, different strengths, different skills and working methods. They form a body of knowledge that prepares the company to resolve unanticipated problems, as well as responding correctly to its clients.
  • Online platforms, which function as “virtual offices” are critical for these organizations because they enable dispersed teams to work together smoothly.
  • The company needs to have at least one language shared by all the people, to have a consistent and fluent communication.
  • The company needs to have the ability to “orchestrate” and integrate the efforts of its members, spread over the world.
  • The workflow depends on three essential features: the costs, knowledge and networked working environment. Thus, the work flows to where you can do it better.- The talent factor: Currently, to have different talents and abilities is the only way that have a company that differentiates itself from the others. The availability of skilled professionals is not reserved to a handful of developed countries -China now produces more engineers in a year that Europe and America together.
  • For the collaborative work is necessary to have a high degree of confidence along and across the company.

Key Benefits

  • The high degree of expertise and the access to adequate technology offers companies of all sizes and features to benefit from this way of working. Each part of the company is globally integrated, avoiding the replication of departments in each country, as is the case of multinationals.
  • The companies organized in this way can cope with the demands of their customers anytime, anywhere.
  • In an ultra-competitive environment,the increased efficiency and cost reduction are central to achieving a competitive advantage. The Global Cooperation provides these elements.

The Global Collaboration in Tangelo

Tangelo has its headquarters in San Francisco, USA, and other offices in Argentina. The whole team works together although they do not live and work in the same place. Like other global collaborative companies, Tangelo has an online platform that works as a virtual office. On this platform, the employees load the strategies defined for each project, activities to do and its respective responsibles. The platform helps the team to have clear and fluid communication.

One person centralizes all information and sends general guidelines to each team member. Every day, Tangelo team members meet in a online video-conference. There, they communicate a summary of the day, determine the steps to follow for each project and answer questions.

However, Tangelo knows very well that any coordination strategy must be accompanied by a good human resources policy. Tangelo knows how to spot talented, responsible and motivated professionals, persons who are specifically trained to work in a global strategy. Communication and motivation are keys to successful alignment.

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