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Most companies that want to organise a startup will turn to the internet as their first source of information. They will enter the term into Google and probably realize at once that there is one site that manages at least 80% of the web information on startups. We are talking about or the network that includes this domain, the Network.

The services most consulted, and to which most of the success of the site as a source of information can be ascribed, are its wiki Q&A and, a web service that provides answers to business questions. was founded in 1998 by Donna Jensen, a former executive of VentureOne. It was founded to help companies to set up their offices and operations so they could focus on their core business, operate more efficiently and get on the market faster.

In the beginning was like an incubator program, offering office space, HR, and other business services to startups, and in only four years it achieved a market value of $17.2 million. The company rose and fell along with many others when the market was restructured after the burst of the bubble and in January 2008 KillerStartups, a blog that covers killer startups, bought the domain for approximately $ 0.5 million. Only its URL survived.

KillerStartups, founded in 2007 by the Argentinean brothers Fernando and Gonzalo Arzuaga, is aiming for the same economic niche like However, in 2008, when it took over, this website of South American origin already had 1.5 million hits per month.

Currently, Network is a network of business sites that have launched their own sites and has grown to become the giant it is today.

What is the secret of Network?

Currently, Network offers six different services for entrepreneurs:

1-      Killerstartups: a platform that keeps people informed about the latest developments in the “world of startups” and where entrepreneurs present their projects and are exposed to the opinions of others

2- a web service that lets its users find out all the valuable facts about any website

3- a tool that makes it much easier for anyone to share and save their links for later

4- an online calculator that, taking into account certain key factors, gives any website in the world a monetary value

5- a plug-in that allows anyone who has a blog to add social sharing functions to their own blog

6- a web service that provides answers to business related questions. Users have the opportunity to ask any question they have about their business and it will be answered by the community.

The Q & A platform is responsible for what the site is today, especially in terms of search engine optimization, since it plays an important part in the SEO game.

While there are other similar sites, has assembled the best community for business know-how. Its main strategy is to invite more and more experts who feel that is the right place for them to answer questions related to their area of expertise.

One point of criticism that could be made about this platform is that the questions are answered by the community itself and not by paid experts working as online consultants.

Regarding this criticism Gonzalo Arzuaga, CEO of, says: “We don’t believe in paying people to answer questions. We bet on the power of the community, like “wikipedia for business” in a way”.

Really ambitious!


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