A Note From Buenos Aires.

In Buenos Aires the days are long. The city is a slow-moving giant trying to get through the day in a dense South American heat. Today, a thin air of sadness covers the town as the country came to a halt because of a national holiday aptly named Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice. It is held on March 24th, the anniversary of the coup d’état of 1976 that brought the military junta to power.

I got to Buenos Aires last Saturday to meet my counterparts of a technology and marketing company we are building together. By together I mean that we are a team of equals that belongs to a new culture that can only happen on the internet. We are a team held together by the power of instant communications that only the internet can afford us. But there’s something more important than technology itself and that is culture. Culture similarity can help you overcome the challenges that a lack of face-to-face contact can produce.

There’s no denying that running a business with a distributed workforce has its challenges. Long work days, lag in response times, weeks without seeing your family due to travel schedules and others. But if you look at it, these are the same issues that you would run into if you were with your team at the office. Thing is, location does not equal inspiration and inspiration does not equal performance. There’s a deeper inner drive that makes people perform and get through the long days and  keep moving forward. That is, a love for what you do and a need to be better every new day.

It’s been one of those long days that are becoming the norm for us now. But the results are great and getting better. We have an extended team of talented developers, designers and writers that now is over 10 people. We began with only 2 about 7 months ago. We are happy to be working together face-to-face at least for this week but truly looking forward to retake our remote lifestyle of meetings over IM and skype and with the family around us.

Good night from Buenos Aires.

Thanks to @bochenn @juancruzmpq and @hernanbruno for all your hard work. We are moving forward fast and it’s exciting!

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