How to build a Remote High Performing Team?


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Outsourcing. Many tasks related to a small business can be easily outsourced but what happens when your business depends on a reliable and creative remote workforce?

Things that go beyond the established back-office tasks. When you rely 100% on a remote team, like we do at Tangelo Consulting for software and web development, then you need to make sure that your team is a high performing team. Here are some guidelines that you meet in order to get your team to the next level and to ensure that your team is indeed high performing and highly reliable.

The set below is a starting point of some of the most important things that I’ve learned while doing this to build my own company while working for others and that we continue to use as a core of our values as a company.

  1. The first person is key. Search for a partner not an employee
  2. Establish a strong relationship. (Read more about my previous experiences outsourcing with India and Argentina)
  3. Set specific goals and time lines
  4. Hold people accountable for outcomes and missed targets and reward them for accomplishments and creative solutions
  5. Setup Agile Management Procedures (See Creative Technologist Article)
  6. Standardize a communication technology
  7. Build an open culture and foster critical thinking and innovation
  8. Bridge the culture gap by offering a long term view of the opportunities ahead

While there will be a thousand things (Paul Graham) that you will have to worry about while you run your own company with the support of a remote team, my advise is to take care of the basics from the very beginning. That way you will save money and will have a strong foundation to build upon for the good times and the trust and confidence you need to sail through the bad ones.

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