How To Make Rules That People Will Follow

This post is in part inspired by the rules of a creator’s life posted by my good friend Leandro and by Jack Dorsey’s Dos and Don’ts for success, with an especially big emphasis on the don’ts.

I’ve defined myself as a person that defies rules. That rows upstream. Someone who aligns with the underdog. The last man standing.  I choose to stand in the line of fire.

But for someone who loves to defy rules, I’ve been making them for years.  Now, older and hopefully wiser, I’m looking  at my philosophy and adjusting course.  I’m making a conscious effort to be transparent about how rules are set and my guiding principles  are a key component of the process.

  1. Take care of family.
  2. Be healthy and stay healthy.
  3.  Always take action. Don’t expect others to do it.
  4. Be kind to strangers.
  5. Run for fun, as much as you can whenever you can.
  6. Always assume positive intent.
  7. Rest; but if you can’t, it is ok to be tired for a good reason.
  8. Cherish silence.
  9. Spend time with great friends.
  10. Keep up with good people.
  11. Make every attempt possible to cultivate the best in people.
  12. Stay grounded.
  13. Slow down.
  14. Shed the extra baggage continuously.

Finally, make sure to never forget where you came from.

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