If The World Is Flat, Then Why We Can’t See Beyond Our Noses?

In one word, culture.  To shed more light on this issue I wanted to share what is and continues to happen at a micro level at Tangelo (the company I run), as this is probably a signal that real collaboration beyond the corporate rooms is about to really happen. Keep in mind that making things happen take more time and effort than a few people going against the current but that is where everything starts.

Truth is, beyond the hype of instant collaboration, I’ve seen very few US companies trying to actually do collaborate as equals by making the world truly flat and that is going to cost us big in the future. Other cultures are as driven as ours but the thing is, they don’t need to be. They simply need to be more open on how they view technology breaking down cost barriers and many countries can easily be at the same level of the US in less time that it took us.

  1. It is no longer outsourcing, it must be a team of equals
  2. It is not longer a race for the cheapest labor, it is a race for the best talent — cost is a big factor but relatively secondary to talent
  3. Cultural affinity is key. Over the internet teams can work across the world at any company but cultural affinity is what will give yours the edge.
  4. Learn about your people beyond their resume — you will be surprise what wonderful things they can do that you had no idea about.  You also can see if they are the type of worker you need. Some people are just good in paper.
  5. Location does not equal inspiration and inspiration does not equal performance. Dig deeper
  6. If you are in a technology hub (i.e. Silicon Valley) and your startup/business is not truly collaborating across borders then you are already behind

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