Interesante at Google Developers Live.

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We’re happy to announce that the Interesante team presented at the Google Developers Live show. It was a live stream but you can see the recording above. Apparently we had the largest amount of concurrent viewers to date.  Thank you all (Latinos or not) for joining the stream.  It really sends the message that the Latino market needs a higher degree of attention. That is one of our purposes with Interesante. We would be delighted to meet any of you who would like to help us continue to make this happen.

Jochen Kumm, our Chief Scientist, Pablo Gamba, our Chief Technology Officer and myself, will be talking about our integration with the YouTube API.  This integration enables Interesante to improve the discovery of relevant videos.

Interesante was one of the first companies that integrated with the new version of the YouTube API and we are being highlighted as an example of how YouTube can enhance the user experience in web and mobile applications. Our interface  and algorithms are culturally aware and by accessing YouTube’s database, we can serve more relevant and engaging video content to our users.

We hope you enjoy the video and we’d love to hear your feedback.   Thanks to Jarek and Jeremy for hosting us and to Louis for producing.  We had a great time.

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