Interesante, Inc. –– An Interest Discovery Engine For Latinos.
















Interesante is our way to bring Latinos into the spotlight. We are building a service where Latinos come together, share and discover what’s relevant to them. We believe that combining culture, language and common interests with top notch engineering and world class design, will foster a collaborative environment where Latinos can create, share and discover new interests. Latinos, for us, are the one and only priority.

Fostering discovery of interests that are relevant, timely and engaging is at the core of Interesante. You can store text, images and video and share them across your social networks. Interesante takes this content to the next level by using sophisticated algorithms to leverage your knowledge and help you discover new interests that are unreachable through standard social networks.

Discovery can also be a funnel for lead generation that is not intrusive. Interesante is developing a system for small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs. They can publish their personal interests, products and services and can easily reach an audience that shares those interests. Engament happens more organically between stores and potential buyers.

In Interesante we are committed to innovation and personalization of the online experience for the Latino community and I am so happy to be part of this team.

Please find me in Interesante and feel free to connect with me there.