The Leap From Marketer to Creative Technologist

Allison Mooney wrote a wonderful article on Why Agencies need to think like software companies. Truth is, I was a happy to find her article as it validates what we do at Tangelo, an internet marketing and technology company.  We look at advertising and marketing on the internet as an opportunity to create an integrated and deep web experiences that can help the client establish a long term and more valuable relationship with their audience. It is not only about the CTR on a single day, it is about the relationship you create with your client through social media apps, twitter, facebook, search and mobile.

Actually, it is a competency that I continuously talk about with my team of creative developers.  To successfully market in this new world it is crucial to understand not only the code architecture but business opportunities along the way. Remember that your clients will know exactly what they want the moment you show them something awesome.

Often, internet marketing projects fail because the corporate marketer lacks the understanding of the technology  and the agency buries the developer so deep under the layers of project management that issues are never discussed. For this to change, the developer needs to be able to communicate in plain english with the client. However, with the higher level of sophistication we are dealing with today, developers have the expectation that the marketer will have at least a basic understanding of the code. Believe me. There is no need to make it “so simple that your grandma should understand”. They are not building deep web experiences targeted to valuable audiences. Your grandma’s role is to see the final product and say WOW!

Another great gem in the article is the mention of Agile development practices. I believe that management should embrace parts of Agile into their business practices not only in their software development cycles. Agile processes for developers can be difficult to get used to but they can be trained and they can understand the value rather quickly. There is a big difference between talking Agile and doing Agile. Specially for marketers that are used to heavy duty enterprise level project management, Agile is difficult to adopt as it means a change in culture that they need to drive.


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  4. Was just reading the article and thinking the same. For a number of years I've been feeling this… frustration… and I've identified that this role is what I *shoul* be doing. I'm pursuing it with a major company right now and really hope it comes off. I came to the idea of the role naturally after much thought so am delighted to find that there's a slow, but definite realisation industry-wide as it gives me confidence to go for it. I started out as a developer, moved to a producer/PM but have always preferred hanging out in tech and 'translating' for suits, clients and creatives so I've already been doing a lot of it for a while, meaning there's a definite need for it

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